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Welcome to Arbërisht with Arbër Boriçi

Why? The true history of mankind will be written only when Albanians participate in its writing.— Maximilian Lambertz Arbërisht adv. According to the way of the Albanians

A lover of wisdom…

🇦🇱Shqip During his dialog with friends Crito and Simmias, Socrates, with his idiosyncratic irony, goes: He who has lived as a true philosopher has reason to be of good cheer when he is about to die, and that after death he may hope to receive the greatest good in the other world.The Trial and Death… Continue reading A lover of wisdom…

An XKB layout for the Veqilharxhi alphabet

🇦🇱Shqip I have developed an XKB layout for the Veqilharxhi alphabet, as illustrated in the following screenshot: Veqilharxhi keyboard layout illustration. Press RALT (Right Alt or Alt Gr) to access the secondary letters. For instance, for letter W press RALT + W on the keyboard. For the Albanian letter Ç, press RALT + C, etc.… Continue reading An XKB layout for the Veqilharxhi alphabet